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Cut the Costs

Break down the barriers
to new homeownership

It's time to #CutTheCosts in Washington state

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Break down the barriers to new homeownership

It's time to #CutTheCosts in Washington State

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Why are homes so expensive?

30+ years of restrictions, regulations and roadblocks by state and local governments

When we don't have enough homes,
people pay more to get one.

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Statewide, zoning accounts for an average of $72,524 of the cost of a newly constructed home.


The price you pay for outdated land use restrictions and invisible zoning taxes.

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Every week that a building permit is delayed adds $1,000 on average in extra costs for things like storage, property taxes, utilities and more.


The price you pay for pre-iPhone technology delaying building permits by 6.5 months: $26,298.

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New energy efficiency requirements add more hidden costs without any return for decades.


The price you pay for counterproductive building codes and sneaky impact fees.

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According to the National Association of Home Builders, these hidden costs and more add an average of 23.8% of the final price to your home.


We must act now to break down the roadblocks and #CutTheCosts of new homes in Washington to make homeownership affordable.

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Experts explain...

...why housing prices are so high

How do government regulations drive up home prices?

How energy codes drive up home costs in WA state

How hidden permitting costs drive up new home costs

It's time to innovate on land use policies, accelerate permit timelines, and alleviate hidden fees.

Join the fight to #CutTheCosts of home prices statewide and increase homeownership.

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